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Nábor Sparta WP - září 2018

Sparta Prague is a new water polo club that aims to continue the tradition of a club that operated in Prague in the first half of the 20th century. The men’s Sparta team played the first ever water polo match on the territory of what become the Czechoslovak Republic in 1913 and then became national champions in 1922, 1923, 1933, 1938 and 1946.


The club employs trained and experienced coaches who use modern swimming and water polo methods. Our coaches are current or former water polo players; they, therefore, have extensive game experience, even at the Czech national team level. Each coach has been training youth for many years and has experience with children from different age groups – mini-polo, pupils and adolescents.


The club welcomes anyone interested in the sport: boys and girls aged 8 to 15 with a desire to learn to swim well, as well as experienced swimmers with a desire to try water polo. We also offer former swimmers who are interested the chance to take part in a fun ball game that gives them a chance to use their previously acquired swimming skills quickly and well.


Visions and goals

We would like to create an opportunity for people to enjoy active and quality leisure time in a good team atmosphere. We also want to give athletically talented and well-motivated individuals the chance to join the Czech national team. Therefore, in our training hours, we try to create a pleasant atmosphere while helping children achieve good sports results through clear and targeted preparation. Our objective is to create a club where all our coaches strive to educate and support young people in general sports development, swimming, water polo and the athleticism in general.


We realize that the qualities gained in sports – such as self-discipline, diligence, determination and perseverance – will help each of our members in their personal and professional lives as well. Our goal is for children to build a lifelong relationship not only with this wonderful sport that we love so much, but with sporting life in general.


As a club, we would like to take part in all competitions organized by the Czech Water Polo Association. The youth categories include mini-polo, younger and older pupils and younger and older adolescents. Our long-term goal is to participate in competitions for adults - the 1st Men's League, the 1st Women's League and the Czech Men's Cup. We also want to prepare players for the Czech national team, from cadet to male and female representational teams.


Our job

●  We teach children to work in a group and help each other to build a team and create a friendly atmosphere.
●  We strive to develop all swimming styles, stamina and self-discipline in basic swimming training.
●  We teach children to master combined drills with water polo elements: fast swimming, ball play, throwing and shooting.
●  We prepare the training sessions in a way that they are not just tedious and one-sided drudgery.
●  The ball is not just a piece of equipment— it is also a means to bring fun to swimming and often dull swimming practice.
●  Boys and girls grow up and train mostly in mixed teams, therefore forming a diverse group and learning to work together and help weaker players, which makes it easier for less athletic peers to achieve feats they could not imagine in individual sports.
●  The youngest members (the 8-year-olds) are often separated from older children and trained through play. Swimming takes place with aids until they develop a positive relationship with water and see it as a friendly element. Only then can they engage in more specialized swimming and water-polo training.
●  We work closely with the experts at the movement studio IQ pohyb to ensure versatile athletic development with the help of their fitness conditioning. We apply their findings on functional healthy exercise to our sport trainings and keep abreast of any knew knowledge in the field ad incorporate it in our youth training sessions in particular.
● We also work with sports nutrition specialists and sports psychologists, whose recommendations we apply to our work.


Our sports training inherently includes winter and summer training camps, where the indoor pool training in Prague is supplemented with sport activities in the mountains or in natural, outdoor pools. We practice various other sports and party games. Camps are important for team bonding and creating a friendly atmosphere. Good team and friendly relationships between players, but also between players and coaches, are very important to us. Especially in adolescence, the influence of the team, social experiences, successes and failures are an important part of the formation of each player, an individual who can better develop a strong relationship with his friends and lifelong love for sport.


What is water polo?

Water polo is a fun, dynamic sport for people who enjoy water, because, like swimmers, we spend most of our time in the pool. It is a sport that combines the characteristics of ice hockey (duelling, contact), basketball (working with a ball, rules) and handball (fast paced game from goal to goal, tactics). Water polo is a ball game where two 7-member teams (6 field players and goalkeeper) face each other. It has four quarters, each comprising eight minutes of pure game time.

Most importantly, water polo is a combinative, playful and entertaining team sport. As such, it provides young athletes with the beautiful experience of playing on a team.


At the top level, it is one of the most demanding sports. The difficulty of this sport is evidenced by the fact that it was characterized in 1991 as "the most demanding sport in terms of physical demands on athletes" (Ludovise, Barbie. “In Demand, This Sport is Top.” Los Angeles Times, 16 January 1991, C1, C6)


Another advantage of water polo is its low cost. There is no need to buy expensive equipment, such as in the case of hockey; all you child needs is a swimsuit and towel. Our sport is also one of those that can be practiced on an amateur level even by older individuals/seniors. Movement in the water is generally beneficial for the body, and the game does not stress any joints or muscles in a one-sided fashion, as is common in the case of “on-the-ground” field sports.





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